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Our Pricing for Handyman and Tradesmen Services

We offer competitive handyman prices across all postcodes in London. We're always keeping an eye on our competitors to make sure that as well as the best quality, and largest range of services, we're also offering you top-notch handyman and tradesman services at affordable rates.

Keep in mind that our customer service staff would provide you with an estimate about the duration and the cost of the service when making an order. However you are going to be charged only for the actual duration of the service and not for the quote given from the office.

Handymen Hourly Rate

The initial half an hour is £30 & the subsequent half an hour is £25. Minimum per appointment is 1 hour.

Also, our call-out charge is £25. Keep in mind the call-out fee is still applicabe, even if we arrive but are unable to carry out the job.

 Monday - SaturdaySunday
Handyman Service Price List 8 h - 18 h  After 18 h (18 h - 22 h ) 8 h - 18 h
First Hour * £55£65£65
Subsequent Half Hour £25£30£30
Half day (4 hours) £185-£225
Full day (8 hours) £309-£445

*Charge only for the initial hour of the service Contact Us

Plumbers Hourly Rate

  Monday - Saturday
Plumbing Service Price List 8 h - 17 h After 17 h
First Hour £58£64
Subsequent Half Hour £27£30
Half Day (4 hours) £202 -
Full Day (8 hours) £308 -

*Charge only for the initial hour of the service Contact Us

Electricians Hourly Rate

  Monday - Saturday
Electrical Service Price List 8 h - 17 h
First Hour/Call-out £76
Per Hour £72
Subsequent Half Hours £36
Half Day (4 hours) £248
Full Day (8 hours) £396

 *Charge only for the initial hour of the service Contact Us

Our team of friendly customer care staff are standing by around the clock to assist you with whatever you need, be it the desire to request a service, get an instant quote or learn more about our handyman per hour rate, or by specific job. You can reach us by phone, through the link to our online booking form above, or by starting a conversation through our online chat support facility on this website.

Please note:
  • All prices are for labour only and do not include any materials or other additional expenses. Rates are final with no hidden charges added.
  • In cases where our client cannot provide all materials needed for the job, we can go to a local hardware store and supply the needed materials at our standard "shopping time" rate, and the price for the materials will be added separately on top.
  • Congestion charge zone – if we are not able to come in on a scooter, we will charge the cost of the congestion charge in addition of our fees for the job.
  • Parking will be added on top of the price, only if incurred by the operatives.
  • Rescheduling / cancellation policy – if you need to reschedule or cancel a confirmed booking, please give us at least 48hrs notice.
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